Communications Audit

Find out how your company stacks up in terms of organizational efficiency. We diagnose and treat ineffective internal communications procedures.

Collaboration Tools

We recommend software and policies to keep your business operating at peak efficiency. Tools and technology for communication and collaboration help keep everyone on the same page.

Marketing Strategy

Let us help you craft winning advertising campaigns and business plans with the power of better communication, both internally and externally.


Time to update your look? Let us help you design a brand that positions your company for success.

Web Design

More than a creative firm, we design websites with communication and conversion in mind. That means the foundation of your slick, new design will be solid marketing principles.

Always on Your Team

VantageMark partners with your in-house staff to provide specialized expertise when you need it.

A Design Firm

Logos, websites, print materials, and more! VantageMark takes design seriously. Our clients are always in charge, but we’re never shy about giving advice and guidance. After all, our job is to make you look absolutely amazing.

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More Than a Design Firm

Graphics and websites are just the beginning. Everything we do is motivated by communication objectives and solid business theory. Reaching your customers, clients, and stakeholders is what we’re all about, not painting another pretty face.

Our Philosophy

Inside and Out

Communication is not just advertising. Making sure your employees are collaborating efficiently is just as important as broadcasting your message to the outside world. That’s why VantageMark offers our unique Communication Audit.

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Intentional Design: Discover the Next Level of Amazing

Here’s How We’re Different

VantageMark marries creativity with strategy to deliver innovative technology advice, cost-effective advertising tactics, and motivated designs that accomplish key business objectives.

What that means is that our designs are motivated by your business goals, and our advice is informed by your unique needs and opportunities. We do more than design… we do intentional design.

We also offer a broad suite of other services to enhance your brand. Our internal communications audits help reveal inefficiencies and solve them to boost your business to peak performance. Our marketing strategy can help enlighten and inform your next business move or product release. Our website maintenance can keep your WordPress website operating smoothly and securely.

Get in touch, and discover the difference when communication comes first.