Who We Are

We work with businesses, non-profits, and private schools to communicate to the right audience in the right way. Whether you’re a private school, a commercial business, or a non-profit, you’re constantly communicating. Every contact is an opportunity, and the messages you communicate impact the way your audience thinks and feels about your cause.

Beyond Design

VantageMark specializes in communications, both inside and outside your company. Our consultants have strong communications backgrounds and bring important theory to bear on every project. With a strategic understanding of communication principles, everything gets better. Design becomes motivated. Advertising becomes smarter. Positioning becomes tangible. And your business becomes more efficient.

Inside and Out

Marketing and advertising have always been cornerstones of what we do. But just as important is the effectiveness with which your internal communications flow through the company. That’s why our communications audit identifies key internal communication needs, and our collaboration technology consultations advise you on the best way to keep everyone working together as effortlessly as possible.

What do we do?

We often help clients in a number of communication-related areas. Here’s a breakdown.

Communication Audit




Collaboration Technology


Communication Materials Design


Website Design


We Believe Honesty is the Most Important Part of Persuasion

We want ethics to drive our work and our clients.

We Believe in Strategy, Simplicity, and Quality

Less is more, smarter is better, and finishing touches make all the difference.

We Believe Teamwork is Synergy

We can go more places by working together.

The Team

A winning play takes a winning team. Creative design requires creative people. Great strategies need great thinkers. And… well, you get the point. When we set out to be a remarkable company, we knew we would need remarkable individuals to make it happen. Our team specializes in imagination, insight, and innovation.



Founder/Communications Consultant

Productivity Software, Collaboration Technologies, Communication Strategy, Design



Communications Consultant

Communication Strategy, Google Apps Expert, Collaboration Technology, Productivity Software



Visual Design Technician

Visual Design, Artwork, Aesthetic Communication Tactics



Web Development Technician

Wordpress, Web development, Technology